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Airbus DS Houston was founded in 1973, as Astrium North America. We are located near the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas.

Airbus DS Houston has a rich heritage of hardware and software products plus training and support services, we continue to provide quality products and services to meet the stringent needs of the ever-evolving Aerospace industry.
Airbus DS Houston owned and operated a fleet of Integrated Cargo Carriers during the Space Shuttle era.

The ICC program ran for 12 successful missions and carried tons of cargo to the International Space Station using the Space Shuttle.

Today, Airbus DS Houston is busy developing the ArgUS platform adaptation for Bartolomeo. We are currently seeking companies interested in research opportunities on board the ISS, which we can provide through ArgUS. Airbus also provides superior support to NASA in terms of simulation platform support, astronaut training, software development, international partner liaison and logistics and many other disciplines. We can take care of all of your research and project needs to ensure a great trip to space!

Our Products and Services

At Airbus DS SSI, we pride ourselves on quality products and services to satisfy your mission critical needs. We are experts in commercial space, payloads and platforms for LEO and beyond.

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